Pack Out Services

Pack out services

Pack Out Restoration and Storage Services

We Pack Quickly and Professionally

Pack-outs are performed by restoration companies on behalf of property owners after damage caused by water, fire or smoke. It involves removing and transporting damaged property to a secure location for processing and restoration.

Many homeowners suffer from property damage and natural disasters each year. There are countless floods and fires across the country. Unfortunately, too few of these property owners have anywhere else to go. Their goods are left in the damaged house. Restoration Complete provides pack out and storage services during the restoration process. We can remove your prized possessions from the area, then return them to you safely when your home is restored.





Packing and Storage

Contents Pack Out and Restoration

Our restoration experts are committed and meticulous when it comes to content pack out and restoration. We inventory each item removed from your property, including the state and location of the item. Once everything is packed away, we move the items to our facility for safekeeping and restoration. We pack everything quickly, without any harm to your items, for the best results. The team at Restoration Complete is highly trained to handle any type of goods from residential and commercial properties.









Storage Boxes

What Happens During a Pack Out

After the initial inspection, your restoration professionals will let you know whether or not an item can be restored.  You will find that most items can be brought to pre-loss condition. All contents will be inspected and any pre-existing damage will be documented before being sent out to be restored. This documentation helps to estimate the losses and facilitates the filing of your insurance claim. You will receive a copy of every inventory sheet with noted preexisting damage, if any. In some cases, affected items are cleaned in place to prevent acidic residues from causing any further damage.









Moving large Furniture

Keeping Your Possessions Safe

Large items like upholstery and wooden furniture are carefully inspected, often using high-intensity light to detect all damages that existed before the disaster. Small items are individually wrapped in paper, boxed, labeled, and inventoried by our restoration professionals. This includes items like kitchen knives, spoons, pots and pans, dishes, storage containers, and more. When the transportation begins, items will be loaded and secured in a covered box truck using safety pads and the appropriate packing protocols. The restoration process is constantly monitored and you will be informed of the status of your claim before the items are ready to be sent back to your home or business.