Drying Services


Drying Services


Drying services for water damage

Top Drying Equipment

Restoration Complete offers full and extensive drying services for any water damage scenario. Using several different types of industrial air movers such as floor suction mats (hardwood floors), or devices that use heat to speed up the drying process, we have the equipment necessary to accelerate and maximize your drying time.





Equipment for drying services

In-Place Drying Services

If you’ve experienced water-damaged floors or carpet contact us at Restoration Complete for a thorough damage assessment and in-place drying restoration. In-place drying is more effective if it’s implemented soon after the damage has occurred, so if you’ve experienced water damage to your home in the Atlanta area, contact one of our professional technicians to have the problem solved immediately.





Powerful hoses for removing flood water

Drying Services for Major Flooding

In case of major flooding, our process begins with the removal of standing water. Using powerful pumps, we drain water from inside, around, and under the home to prevent further damage. Next, we use deodorizers and disinfectants to remove mildew, fungi, mold, and unpleasant odors. Our team also uses industrial-strength dryers to remove moisture from the air before it seeps into and behind your floors, walls, and ceilings.




Drying wooden floors

Drying Services for Hardwood Floors

Drying hardwood floors can be difficult, and drying the floors too quickly or over-drying can lead to permanent floor damage. Restoration Complete has the equipment and experience to effectively dry your hardwood floors after water damage. We will extract the excess moisture and carefully dry the wood until it reaches its natural moisture content.





24 hour water damage restoration

24 Hour Service

At Restoration Complete, we know that a flood cannot wait until tomorrow.

We have a 24-hour emergency restoration crew available any day of the week for water damage restoration. Your problem is our priority, no matter the size of the flood.

Call 770-802-0575 to reach one of our technicians