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Complete Commercial Restoration Services

When unexpected water damage disrupts your commercial property, you need dependable professionals to deliver swift and effective commercial water damage restoration. Having a firm foundation in commercial construction, Restoration Complete comprehends the intricacies of commercial building design.

During commercial water damage, we initiate the water removal and cleanup process without delay. Immediate action is vital, as it prevents your structure from deteriorating further and stops issues such as mold growth and unpleasant odors.

All Insurance Accepted

In the event of commercial water damage, we alleviate your worries about additional expenses. Some insurance policies may cover damage linked to unforeseen incidents. Our team will coordinate closely with your insurance company or claims adjusters to ascertain your policy coverage. We’ll directly bill your insurance company for your convenience.

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Water Damage

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Commercial Restoration Services

Rest assured, Restoration Complete is your trusted partner in disaster management and restoration. Together, we can restore order out of chaos and rebuild stronger than before.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration entails complete cleanup, smoke odor removal, soot cleanup from ventilation systems, and repair of damaged structures.

Fire & Smoke Recovery Services

Combating fire damage at every level. Our team of professionals handle everything from initial damage assessment to full-scale restoration, ensuring your business recovers rapidly.

Storm Damage Repair

Our Storm Damage Repair services address damage from storms, including wind, hail, and rain. Our team conducts a thorough assessment of structural damage, provides immediate tarping and boarding up services, and executes a detailed plan for complete restoration.

Storm Restoration Solutions

Get your home or business back on track after a storm. Our comprehensive restoration services cover water damage, wind damage, and property repairs to help you recover swiftly.

Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Restoration services include rapid extraction, drying, and dehumidification of the affected area. Our certified professionals handle everything from initial damage assessment to complete property restoration, ensuring minimal disruption to business.

Water & Flood Repair

We offer expert water damage restoration services that minimize downtime, reduce secondary damage, and get your business back on its feet swiftly.

Pack Out Services

A seamless solution for moving and storing your possessions safely while restoration work is in progress. We handle your items with care, documenting each piece for your peace of mind. Once restoration is complete, we return your belongings to their rightful place.

Pack Out Services

We provide Pack Out Services, taking great care to inventory, pack, and transport your belongings to a secure, climate-controlled facility for cleaning and restoration. Then return and reinstall your items once project is complete.

Mold Remediation

Mold can present serious health risks and compromise the structural integrity of your facility. Our commercial mold remediation service identifies mold sources, and removes contaminated materials. We aim to restore your property swiftly, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your staff and customers.

Mold Remediation

Safeguard your business from mold risks. Our expert team identifies and removes mold, ensuring a safe, clean environment for your operations.

Commercial Restoration

Dedicated restoration services tailored to commercial properties and businesses. Our team is experienced in handling large-scale projects, delivering exceptional results within an expedited timeframe.

Commercial Services

When disaster strikes your business, be it fire, water, or mold damage, swift action is crucial.


Office Buildings

Our team ensures swift recovery from disruptions affecting your business, maintaining safety and order in your office environment.

Office Buildings

Hotels and Condos

We understand the urgency to restore rooms quickly for rental, ensuring comprehensive fire and water damage restoration.

Hotels and Condos

Residential Real Estate

Specializing in both fire and water damage restoration, we ensure quick and efficient cleanup and recovery of your residential properties.

Residential Real Estate

Historical Buildings

Providing 24/7 emergency services, we guarantee prompt and efficient restoration of your religious building, preserving its inherent sanctity and aesthetic appeal.

Historical Buildings

Healthcare Facilities

Proficient in restoring various healthcare facilities, we prioritize patient safety and care continuity during our restoration efforts.

Healthcare Facilities

Government Buildings

We execute swift fire, water, and mold damage restoration, minimizing downtime for critical government services.

Government Buildings

Warehouses Facilities

Our services ensure your storage facility recovers swiftly from any damage, maintaining security and function in the aftermath of any emergency.

Warehouses Facilities


Stores and Restaurants

Available 24/7, we provide top-notch water, mold, and fire damage cleanup and restoration, minimizing your business downtime.

Stores and Restaurants

Educational Facilities

We ensure your educational facility is restored to a clean, dry, and safe state before students and staff return.

Educational Facilities

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Restoration Complete - Because We Care

At Restoration Complete, our passion for our work is palpable. Restoration isn’t merely a part of our job description; it’s a philosophy we embrace in every aspect of our lives. It is this commitment to restoration that fuels our success.

Restoration Complete employs IICRC certified crews to provide 24/7 support, enabling us to assist with all your restoration and repair needs promptly. Within 60 minutes of your call, we’ll initiate the commercial water damage restoration process. We proudly offer our restoration services in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and across a 30-mile radius surrounding these areas.


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Your Facility Restoration – Our Priority

Restoring your facility is our utmost priority. We eliminate damaged areas and replace them with new, fire-rated construction. Whether you need your facility returned to its original state or wish for modifications to suit your evolving needs, we are at your service.

With extensive commercial services experience, Restoration Complete operates 24/7, aiming for minimal disruption and maximum client satisfaction.

Navigating insurance claims can be a daunting task – a labyrinth of paperwork, form filling, and intricate questioning that can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Restoration Complete eases this process, managing your claim from beginning to end.